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G u i t a r  T u i t i o n

Hi, welcome to my site - and thank you so much for visiting! I'm a professional guitarist and fully qualified teacher and the site provides helpful information if you are looking for guitar lessons in Chelmsford  (or online via Zoom)  for yourself or a child, or perhaps for another family member or friend. You can read about my previous professional experience as both player and teacher and do please have a look at the YouTube video on this page where you can watch me playing in a few different styles. There is also a page which will give you information about lessons. I teach electric and acoustic guitar across a range of pop, rock and jazz styles for all players from complete beginners through to professionals and for all ages from nine upwards.

Lessons are given with the needs of the player leading the way at all times. Some people simply want to play for fun and are complete beginners when they come to me whilst others wish to become professional teachers or players themselves. My aim as your teacher is to provide all the necessary tuition and support required - helping you towards reaching your full potential in becoming the player you want to be. I very much hope you enjoy your visit to my site - please contact me if you have any questions about lessons - I'll be more than happy to help!

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